Feeding Families, Fueling Hope begins today!


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by Willie Matis

Well, I feel like we’ve been aimed at feeding families and fueling hope for quite some time, but the campaign titled – Feeding Families, Fueling Hope – has kicked off today!


Family Dollar may have just been bought by Dollar Tree, but that is not taking priority over making an impact in the fight against hunger. From now until August 31st, whenever you shop at Family Dollar, you have the opportunity to make a great impact right in your backyard.

This is an exciting campaign for Indiana and Gleaners because look at just HOW MUCH participation there is from the Family Dollar stores in our service area.


When you check out you can impact a person’s day simply by adding a dollar into the jar on the counter. Want to do even more? Leave $20 and that will pay for a student’s BackSacks for an entire month (we are getting close to back to school).

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MondayMotivation: Short Notice and they still helped.


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by Harvey Bananas

Back with some motivation for you! This can be used to pump you up, especially for those of you who attended the John Wayne Walding 400 yesterday. How great of a race was that? And Jeff Gordon got the win! His 5th, and he races for AARP’s Drive To End Hunger.

Some great motivation that happened AT the race yesterday was Kroger and IMS teaming up in the fight against hunger! Cindy Hubert, our President & CEO, was able to be at the race to accept the check. Pictures to come…

But here’s the reason for our post today!

During the John Wayne Walding 400. During the time when Cindy was accepting the check from Kroger and IMS. And during a nice Sunday when many people take the time to relax, there was a small group of workers helping us out with a side project.

Southwest Paint Help

The crew before we got started

We were fortunate enough to have a gift brought to us to purchase all that we needed to create an in-house video studio! Why? So that we can bring you closer to the people that you impact each and every day. In order to bring the best, we needed to paint our in-house studio so that it fit our needs.

We didn’t really have the crew to do so. Luckily, our volunteer base did.

Southwest Paint Help

Kevin gave us his best swan impression!

The man above is Kevin Kerr. A Southwest Airline employee with a big heart, Kevin scoped out the project last Tuesday, got a group together, and they painted it on Sunday!


It is so wonderful to have a such a great group of people who want to help out, and Kevin wasn’t the only one. We got responses from MANY individuals and groups who were willing to help, so the way we decided was by giving it to the group who could get in here the earliest.

We want to give a big shout out to Kevin, Kim, Richard, and Donna! 

The best way to compare the situation to something all people can relate to is someone saying, “I need help moving out of my house,” and a friend responding, “When do you need me there?”



Super Hero Day for Summer Meals


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by Willie Matis

There are only about 6 more days of Summer Meals for Kids, but that doesn’t mean that the kids are stopping their fun.

Perhaps you remember our buddy Ethan from our earlier videos. Well, he wanted to show something off the other day.

His super powers…


Ethan showed up as his favorite superhero! Spiderman!


Ethan, like all of our kids who utilize our Summer Meals for Kids, gain a great deal of confidence when spending time at our summer meals sites.


The great thing I read after receiving these photos from Jacie our Staff Liaison was this… “Ethan dressed up like a super hero,  but the real super heroes are those who help support this program.”

We wanted to take today to thank all of you who support our Summer Meals for Kids program. You make it possible for children like Ethan to grow and learn even when school is out.

What would you like to learn about when it comes to Summer Meals for Kids? Share your questions below!

2 Ways to Feed a Child… Today!


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by Willie Matis

It doesn’t feel like our Summer Meals for Kids tour was that long ago, but now we only have 8 days left in the program (for most sites). That being said, there is still need, and more unfortunately, the need will be there next year.

Here are 2 ways you can feed a child in need of a summer meal TODAY!

1. Text FEEDING to 27722 to give $10 to Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. Reply with YES to confirm your donation.


$10.00 donation to Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance. All purchases must be authorized by account holder. Must be 18 years of age or have parental permission to participate. Message and Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to 27722 to STOP. Text HELP to 27722 for HELP. Full Terms: mGive.org/TPrivacy Policy.

You-Can-Be-the-Difference2. Share this picture with your friends.

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With only 8 days left at most of our summer sites, it feels like our work may be close to a finish. But, as soon as one season ends, it is time to prepare for the next. Help us prepare today so that more kids will be fed… tomorrow.

My Experience Touring Summer Meals for Kids (Intern Elizabeth)


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by Intern Elizabeth

Eye-opening and Humbling

Two words I would use to describe my experience of touring the Summer Meals for Kids sites.  Before taking this tour, my understanding of the program was based solely on information gleaned from coworkers and literature.  However, I now have a deeper understanding of the program and realize the impacts are often greater than what is visible on the surface.

Organized and Efficient

The first stop on the site tour was in Madison, IN, where we were met by the site coordinator, Jacie. The job title “site coordinator” is really code for “extreme organizer, be ready-for-everything coordinator.”  Jacie and other site coordinators must ensure the locations receive enough food for each child, which is not easy considering there is no way to know the exact number of students who will show up.

Memorable and Heartbreaking

Ethan SelfieAlthough Madison has two sites, our tour took us to an apartment complex a few minutes away from the school, which acts as a distribution center for the food.  Before the bus had even stopped, there were several rambunctious boys waiting to eat.  Amidst the sound of crunching carrots and lively chatter, I was able to talk with several boys.  On the surface, they appeared confident with their funny stories and loud bravado. But if you watched and listened closely, their stories held a worry and hunger that children their age should not experience.  There was one boy, Ethan, who made the day one I will never forget.  With curly blonde hair and big blue eyes that could melt your heart, this little boy could almost be described as an angel.  While eating, he talked about his invisible friend and how much he loved making snow angels in the summer.  It broke my heart to know that Ethan depended on this meal to get through the day.  This sweet, innocent little child was ecstatic with carrots and a sandwich, foods I take for granted on a daily basis.

Education and Hope

After each stop on the site tour, I witnessed a different aspect of the program, but talking with the children in Madison made the biggest impact.  I was humbled knowing these children faced a hunger I have never known, and I learned that Summer Meals for Kids provides more than just meals to hungry children.  It provides stability in a life that faces uncertainty and comfort against the anxiety of eating a meal.  The next time you hear about Summer Meals, I hope you remember Ethan and the other children; I hope you see beyond the surface level of this excellent program.

I just wanted to remind you all that YOU CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE this summer.


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