#MondayMotivation: When Offices Shutdown… to volunteer!


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by Harvey Bananas

Despite this day and age where efficiency, timeliness, and agility are treasured in the business world, the corporate volunteer groups who grace our warehouse never cease to amaze me. Taking time out of work to make an impact on the community in which their businesses thrive is fantastic to see.

I love bringing you stories that help motivate #TeamFightHunger, and this may be less of a story but more of a motivating act.

TinderBox Shuts Down to Give Back

TinderBox, the leader in sales proposal technology, used Tax Day as a day to let every employee off work. The energy at 3737 Waldemere Ave skyrocketed with their presence.

IMG_1391We loved having you all!

Volunteers already motivate me. The hours that could be spent in other ways but are spent helping fight hunger and impacting the lives of so many in need are invaluable.

So… THANK YOU! Thank you TinderBox for showing us that not only can you shut down an entire work day to help others, but you can do it in such a joyous manner! We are lucky to have you as a part of #TeamFightHunger.


#TBT: Volunteer Spotlight THROWBACKS for National Volunteer Appreciation Week


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This has been our theme all week as many volunteers have been in and out of the warehouse helping to pack, sort, inspect, and more!

For now, we’d like to take a little trip down memory lane…

Each month, we like to highlight one volunteer group helping to make a difference in the lives of hungry Hoosiers. Enjoy…

University of Georgia

This group of students came to visit during their alternative spring break.

 Angela Penn

Angela left us speechless after hearing about WHY she volunteers at Gleaners.


An organization who encourages student-athletes to volunteer is living by their word.

 JP Morgan Chase

The importance of knowing your community around you shines through this group.

 Interactive Intelligence

A great group to work with!


Nothing makes us happier than hosting a TON of people from a company during their service day.

And one from way back… a year ago!

You can keep up with all of our Volunteer Spotlight videos on our website – gleaners.org.

Would you like to get in and volunteer to help hungry Hoosiers? Fill out your interest form today.

#MondayMotivation: Kids Leading the Way


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by Harvey Bananas

Hello #TeamFightHunger! Guess what week it is?

Volunteer Appreciation Week!

That’s right. All week we are going overboard… a good overboard… in thanking our volunteers who help fight hunger each and every day. We definitely could not do it without them.

But, these are my favorite stories… kids helping in the fight against hunger! Check this out.

First off, we have the all-star Mason Tibbs from Brownsburg who has skyrocketed his fundraising efforts to help fight hunger over the past couple of years.

Mason and Harvey with CheckThat’s me with Mason after his successful $629.48 fundraiser for those in need. This brings Mason’s total to over $1000 raised for hungry Hoosiers in the past year!

Next up, we have a #TeamFightHunger rookie, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t make an impact right away.

Zander and food on scale

Mr. Zander not only showed up with a great amount of food to be put into the network, BUT he celebrated his birthday AT GLEANERS, working in the warehouse.

Volunteering, raising money, and raising food. These kids have taken a leadership role at a very young age, but they can’t help inspiring us all.

Do you have any words of encouragement for these two? Let’s give them a pat on the back. Leave your words in the comments section, and we will be sure to forward them along to their parents!

Volunteer Appreciation Month Begins Tomorrow


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by Harvey Bananas

Be ready!

Be aware!


Volunteer Appreciation Month kicks off tomorrow, and we are super excited about it. We are so bummed that it is limited to 30 days, but other things have to have their time in the national spotlight, too. It wouldn’t be like volunteers to soak up all of the recognition anyways, you guys are the ones who like to give time because it is the right thing to do.

Thank you all so much.

Did I mention that we love our volunteers?


This is the best way for me to express my gratitude right now. It doesn’t help that my lips are literally sewn shut.

But, I wanted to be sure you knew how much you mean to us. If you are coming in to volunteer this month, be ready to be loved. Also, be ready to take a #helpie! Show all of your friends how much volunteers are appreciated.

Be sure to follow @GleanersFBIndy on Instagram and Twitter. We will be using the #VolunteerMonth hashtag all through April along with #TeamFightHunger – the team that YOU are a vital member of.

Have a great April!

Introducing… Afterschool Meals


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by Hope Pascoe

Gleaners recently launched our NEW Afterschool Meals Program.  Through a partnership with Second Helpings, the program provides students and their families dinner in a safe, familiar environment.  Each site operates in conjunction with an already existing afterschool program that offers both enrichment and educational activities.  Not only does the program deliver resources for youth, but it allows parents the opportunity to sit down and have a meal with their children without having to worry about what they will prepare or where they will get the resources needed to make it.

Our first site partnership has been with Holy Cross Central, a school where almost 95% of their students receive free and reduced lunches.  Youth and volunteers alike were giddy as the first meals started to hit the plates. 

“This is the best day ever!”


“I get to eat the whole pork chop?  I always have to share it.”

These are just some of the comments I caught amongst the chatter as families began to enjoy the start of nutritious, hot meals 5 nights a week.

The program also provides families with increased access to fresh products as Second Helpings is able to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables.  The salads are instantly gobbled up which seems fitting during National Nutrition Month.  Program sites also complete a nutrition education lesson with those who attend each month.

The Afterschool Meals Program provides new opportunities for kids to just be kids without the worry or burden of hunger.

PS: That boy who got to eat the whole pork chop… … …

he ended up eating 3!


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