#MondayMotivation: What it looks like when over 133,000 pounds of food is donated in 1 day.


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by Harvey Bananas

WOW!! What a day. My head is still spinning thinking about how many awesome people live right here next to me. The National Association of Letter Carriers’ Food Drive continues to be a great success and Saturday, May 9 was no different.

This year… over 133,000 pounds of food was donated. Check out how busy it was in our warehouse.

We can’t thank you enough. Because of you, many Hoosiers will have food on their table and hope in their future.


Fighting Hunger Together


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What happens when competing businesses are asked to come together to raise money for a worthy cause?  In the case of Moyer Fine Jewelers and Windsor Jewelry, they immediately said, “Yes!”

Greg Bires, owner of Windsor Jewelry, and Dan Moyer, owner of Moyer Fine Jewelers, are local businessmen known not just for their stylish jewelry—but also for their widespread support of charities.  They donate beautiful items, jump at the chance to help raise funds for all sorts of causes and can usually be seen right in the middle of the event’s action!


When asked about his partnership with Gleaners, Greg said, “Windsor Jewelry is again proud to support Gleaners because we know the dollars we help them raise go right back into the very communities that need it most. Although we support many different charities throughout the year, Gleaners and their efforts to stamp out hunger hold a special place in our hearts.” Dan agreed, adding, “We love to help charities that help to better the lives of children.”

Both jewelers will have a large presence at Wine Women & Shoes on May 15 at the Lucas Oil Estate. Guests will be able to support Gleaners through Dan and Greg’s contributions of jewelry, gift cards, and expert help shopping at their booths.

Every dollar raised goes toward Gleaners’ BackSacks: Weekend Food for Kids program.
Thanks, Dan and Greg! Because of you, young children won’t face a hunger gap during the weekend!

#MondayMotivation: Who will be crowned SOLE MAN OF THE YEAR?


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by Harvey Bananas

The Shoe Guys are a STAPLE of the Wine Women & Shoes event, but when Gleaners first brought the event to Indy last year, they didn’t want these guys to think they were only pieces of meat during the event.

Harvey and Sole Man

So we gave them a goal… compete to become Sole Man of the Year.

How do they do that? They are going to ask people to “vote” for them. A $1 donation counts as a vote, and someone can vote as many times as they want. So, whichever Shoe Guy raises the most money, wins.

The Inaugural Sole Man of the Year was the one and only – Anthony Calhoun. We will see if he can maintain the crown. The polls close at 11:59:59pm this Thursday, May 14 so that we can crown the Sole Man of the Year at the Wine Women & Shoes event the next day.

The reason these Shoe Guys are featured in the #MondayMotivation is because of the effort they put into helping fight childhood hunger. All money raised through the competition and event goes toward funding the BackSacks: Weekend Food for Kids Program.


See the Shoe Guy roster on our website. Find your favorite. Vote for them. And then shout them out on Twitter and Facebook so that your friends can help your favorite Shoe Guy take home the title.

How to Participate in the Nation’s Largest Food Drive


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You can help our warehouse go from this…


to this…

FullIn one day.

The pictures above are the results of central Indiana’s involvement in the nation’s largest food drive – the US Postal Office’s Stamp Out Hunger food drive.

How to participate…

Step 1) Gather your non-perishable food items that you’d like to donate.Stamp Out Hunger 2015 Thumbnail

Step 2) Wake up ready to go on Saturday.

Step 3) Stretch and warm up.

Step 4) Pick up all of your donations.

Step 5) Carry them out to your mailbox.

Step 6) Set them right next to your mailbox.

And you’re done! It’s simple.

Some helpful tips:

  • Lift with your knees.
  • Place the donations before your mail carrier arrives.

Every donation matters for those who are in need in central and southeast Indiana! Will you be helping?

SNAP A PICTURE AND POST IT! Mention @GleanersFBIndy and use #StampOutHunger so that we can retweet it and add you as a member of #TeamFightHunger.

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#MondayMotivation: When Offices Shutdown… to volunteer!


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by Harvey Bananas

Despite this day and age where efficiency, timeliness, and agility are treasured in the business world, the corporate volunteer groups who grace our warehouse never cease to amaze me. Taking time out of work to make an impact on the community in which their businesses thrive is fantastic to see.

I love bringing you stories that help motivate #TeamFightHunger, and this may be less of a story but more of a motivating act.

TinderBox Shuts Down to Give Back

TinderBox, the leader in sales proposal technology, used Tax Day as a day to let every employee off work. The energy at 3737 Waldemere Ave skyrocketed with their presence.

IMG_1391We loved having you all!

Volunteers already motivate me. The hours that could be spent in other ways but are spent helping fight hunger and impacting the lives of so many in need are invaluable.

So… THANK YOU! Thank you TinderBox for showing us that not only can you shut down an entire work day to help others, but you can do it in such a joyous manner! We are lucky to have you as a part of #TeamFightHunger.



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